Monday, April 5, 2010

My Starter Marriage!

Sorry about the short absence dear readers! I've had a very nice weekend and been hanging out with actual people instead of sitting in front of this devil box!
Well we left off with me being a first time momma! It was terrifying, as any first time parent can tell you, but I took to it pretty well. You figure it out as you go along and pray you don't drop them.
We are now in the summer of 1999. I was busy planning a wedding. The thought of putting on a big stupid white dress is mortifying, so I begged to not have a traditional wedding. I reasoned that we should save the money on the actual ceremony and just throw a huge party afterwards. LL agreed with my logic, and the date was set for August 20, 1999.
I spent the night before the wedding at my best friend TR's house. I was nauseous all night long. That was sign number one. In the morning I woke up and immediately dry heaved for about an hour. I KNEW something was wrong, but my friend told me it was just nerves, I had cold feet and I would be fine.
I went out to New Paris to get my hair done by a friend, I was still a wreck, but I sucked it up and went on.
When I arrived at the City building, I had sign #2. My best friend and maid of honor TR was NOT there. She had the time wrong, so I had to rush around, and my friend Cherish stepped in instead.
The whole ceremony I was flipping out internally. During the vows I just stared at my shoes, but I did it. I was married. I went back to the house that me and my husband owned and had the most legendary kegger ever, One keg of Killians, and one of Coors Light. Everyone I loved was there, and I had a great time! Then I had sign new husband drank so much he passed out cold, so my wedding night I spent alone! No wedding night sex?! How bad does that suck?
That's where we're gonna leave it for tonight. The moral of the story? It's ALWAYS better to listen to your gut. It is rarely wrong, and it can save you a LOT of pain. As always, thanks for listening and God bless!

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