Thursday, May 13, 2010

The past has this nasty habit of not changing, even if you do!

Well dear readers I am so close to being caught up to the here and now, although I am clean, I am still dealing with the repercussions of my past. Let's say that just because you have changed doesn't mean you can make everything go away.
I still had a nasty dope habit as did my husband. He would go out and hustle up money in ways I didn't want to imagine. As long as the heroin was still coming in I honestly didn't care where from. I was about to change my tune BIG time.
As anyone who has ever known a drug dealer will tell you buys are not always cash transactions. There is a lot of trading that goes on in that world. BP sold a bit of dope on the side to help support our habits. It was nothing new to me to see random stuff just appear out of nowhere.
Then one Saturday morning BP was dope sick and a little on the violent side of life. He had lost his ID and could not take anything into the pawn shop to cover the day's heroin. He asked me if I would and in my (once again) infinite wisdom I agreed to take in a Fender guitar he had acquired in trade for a gram. My husband would never do anything to put me at risk when he knew he was going to prison and there would be no one to take care of my kids if I was locked up right? WRONG!!!!
This was in September. BP went to jail on November 3rd. I had finally let go of him after all those years and was determined to start my life over. I kicked the dope finally. Spent about 4 days dry heaving, sweating, and feeling like every bone in my body was going to break. It was worth it to me because I was FINALLY getting a chance to start over after all these years.
Then in December I got a phone call out of the clear blue sky from RPD. The detective informed me that the guitar I had taken in for BP was reported stolen in a a car break in. I was gobsmacked to say the very least. I agreed to come in and make a statement. I wasn't afraid to because I figured since I had no idea it was stolen, I would be fine. Boy was I ever wrong.
I talked to BP from the jail the night before I went to the police station to ask him what had happened, who the shit had come from, and what he intended to do about it. He filled me in on the truth (or his version of it) and I figured I would be OK. I made my statement and thought it was over with. Again not so much....
In February one night I started getting dozens of phone calls from friends telling me I was on Miami Valley's Most Wanted for a charge of receiving stolen property. It seemed a bit far fetched considering I am at the same address I have been at for awhile and they knew exactly where I was. They could have picked me up at any time. I guess it was RPD's personal brand of psychological warfare, I can't think of any other reason. I laid low for a couple of weeks, but never tried to hide. I was always at home. Then at the end of February they came for me, sending 3 squad cars. I am the most boring person on earth, so if nothing else my neighbors now think I am a gangsta. Lucky for me, my kids were not there as I was led out in handcuffs. They were at the Wayne County Jail visiting their dad.
In closing I have no idea what the future holds for me. I sure hope that justice will prevail. The only problem is that it prevails a lot more often if you have money, which I do not have. To this day they have not gone after BP or attempted to find out who did the actual car break-ins. Doesn't seem right to me!
As always thanks for listening and God bless!

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