Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jenny McCarthy was right...

We're gonna skip back for a minute so I can tell you about the terror of having a child go from normal to disabled within one day.
Brayden was born very healthy and actually hit his milestones early. He walked and talked about a month earlier than is the norm. Regardless of all the crap that was going on in my marriage I have always been a devoted mom.
When he was about 18 months old it was time for him to get his immunizations. We were a bit behind so when I took him to the Wayne County Clinic the nurse decided to give him 5 shots all at once.
Between 1989 and 2002 the drug companies used to use a preservative called thimerisol, which is pretty much a fancy way of saying MERCURY! Yep your children were being injected with that all those years. Every child reacts differently but mine reacted BADLY!
That night Brayden shot up a fever of 105 degrees and had a febrile seizure. I was the only one maintaining a clear head, BP freaked out. So I held him till the seizure passed and made the call to 911. We rushed to Reid and they got his fever under control. That's the night my son changed forever.
He stopped talking and refused to make eye contact. He would refuse to let you touch him. It's like a completely new child invaded my son's body. After doing some research I realized what was wrong. My son was autistic.
The most infuriating thing is that all the doctors and politicians swear there is no link between shots and autism. Well let me tell you, I was there and saw it happen. It is a real thing.
One of the most maddening things is how I have NO recourse for my son. The night before the Patriot Act was passed a rider was slipped in that denied parents the right to sue drug companies over injuries caused by immunizations. So I have been on my own.
It was a very long hard road but Brayden is a tough kid and you can barely tell anything is wrong now. Hours of work but now my beautiful boy is content to be cuddled by me and talks like any other 8 year old! Please take the time to educate yourself about autism!
As always thanks for listening and God bless!

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