Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tony-Guest post #1

One night I was just doing what I usually do playing on facebook just like any other night I get a friend request. You know how it is someone you haven’t heard from, from high school in 20 years vaguely remember them but something tells you to go ahead and accept it. So I got one such request a few months ago from this lovely lady. She was actually looking for my sister which happens A LOT. And if you are reading this and wondering about sis no she doesn’t have face book though we are trying hard to get her to join.
But she asked me to read her blog. Now I’ll admit I looked at it. Ya know how you would expect to do, kind of skimming through it not really reading it being able to say yea I looked at it without actually doing so.(Jamie don’t smack me)
Then the next thing I know an hour or two later I had just finished reading the last entry made my roommate read it, and emailed a friend of mine for her to read it. I do believe she’s still following it. And I’m thankful for that by the way.
I am immensely thankful for facebook for the same reasons I’m sure many of you. I have gotten back in touch with friends I haven’t talked to in years. I keep abreast of friends that I do talk to but not as often as I should. And as in this case I have connected with someone who I didn’t even know I wanted to and am immensely grateful I have.
You have to read the blog you have to start from the beginning and read it all the way to the end. And you will find yourself going back to read something over again to make something make sense. And unlike most blogs you read them and its nonsensical no one likes blogs because no one really cares what most people think about what’s going on in their lives. I don’t care if your dog hurt its foot today or you think the weather man is an idiot. This blog doesn’t read like a blog it reads like a book and yes I think she should try to publish a book based on the blog and yes please encourage her she may seem sure of herself sometimes but she like everyone else needs encouragement. So please do so.
So how does Jamie’s story and recovery touch me personally? I don’t know how anyone could read her story and not come to the same sensation it’s a story of hope how does this little girl(yes that’s how I remembered you) from a small town in Indiana go through ALL that she has, and come out being the great person she is. Most people would have eaten a bullet by now. I won’t say she’s not calloused by some of it I don’t know how you could have that many wounds and not be. And it’s an ongoing story you read each entry hoping that it just gets a little better you root for her and her kids (which are great btw spend 5 minutes with them and try not to smile it’s not possible not by a long shot.) You hope that if you had to face even the tiniest of a similar problem that you would be able to move on and reach the same place in your life that she has in hers. You realize that not everyone is perfect that mistakes happen you cringe knowing what’s coming up next and you are surprised when it doesn’t. You cheer for her when things go well and you cry with her when things go bad. You want to encourage her when she’s down and hope she lifts herself back up when it goes to shit.
Things in your life may not be as great as you wish they were and you can pray that you can take her lessons learned and apply them to your life. And come to a greater place than you would have without them.
Life isn’t the fairy tales we were taught as a kid. But you can’t help but wonder when the pumpkin will turn into a carriage and the mice will be horses where are the glass slippers for this princess in paupers clothing? Ya got to read to find out so hopefully she will continue to write enriching our lives through her own.


  1. Thanks Tony! I'll keep writing as long as I have fingers to type with. If I don't have fingers I will peck at the keyboard with a pen clenched between my teeth! :)

  2. Very well put Tony. I too am grateful for FB. I have reconnected with old friends and gotten to know people that I really only knew their name before.

    Jamie, as always I wish you peace. <3