Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The worst drug dealer EVER!

Well I guess we are roughly in late 2001. BP and I were living in a crappy apartment on south 6th street. I had a new baby, a strung out husband and little hope anything would get better. Why did I hold on? Because I was punishing myself.
Well BP got the brilliant idea that he was gonna start dealing again to support his habit. Of course I went along with it because I was SO tired of being the sole breadwinner and would take the help however I could get it.
He did OK at first, mostly just sold weed and made a bit of cheddar. Then he started to get Lortabs to come off of. Well he sold them for a minute then just started gobbling them like the world was ending tomorrow. He was psychoticly strung out and then the worst thing ever happened.
I got pregnant again. Only 2 months after having Brayden. I knew it was a girl, already named her and everything. She was to be Jayla.
One night Brian was dope sick and angry and was SO cruel to me. I had no drug money for him so I was just being abused SO hard emotionally!
Well after a million tears I started feeling some cramps. Went to the bathroom and guess what? I lost the baby. And all because he was cruel.
As always thanks for listening and God bless!

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