Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All for some stupid Ecko shirts!

BP got out of jail and I was SO happy and hopeful. The kids and I threw a surprise party for him. We worked so very hard decorating and I even hooked it up with a Star Wars cake for him.
I was pretty nervous about how he would receive me after what I had done, but he never once threw it in my face. He got his job back at a restaurant. We were poor but happy! This lasted all of a month and a half and then the weird behavior started.
In hindsight I should have known exactly what was happening. He began to get EXTREMELY moody. The phone would ring at odd hours and BP would rush into the other room to take the call. He would lock himself in the bathroom for extended periods of time. Then the violence started....
In the mornings BP would wake up in a rage and take it out on whoever was closest, and of course that was me. It didn't matter who was around. I know now it's because he was dope sick and desperate, but that is NO excuse. I got very adept at making up stories about how klutzy I was and could do cover-up makeup like no other. Why did I take it? I have no idea, but this would be a recurring thing until we finally split up last year.
One of BP's sore spots was that we didn't have money for the good things in life. Myself, I've always been happy with having enough as long as I had love and family. I would rather be broke and happy than rich and miserable.
One day I was walking the kids back from the bus stop after school when BP ran up to me with a wild look in his eyes. I asked him what the hell was wrong and he just went on past me up to the apartment. I was understandably confused, but just walked the kids upstairs.
Next thing you know there is a knock on the door and lo and behold it's RPD. Apparently BP had shoplifted some stupid Ecko shirts from Dillard's. Keep in mind he had been out of prison for all of 2 months so this was a definite parole violation. So me and the kids got to see daddy cuffed and hauled off to jail again.
So my husband traded his family for the sake of fashion. What an asshole! But do you think I left him? Not yet!
As always thanks for listening and God bless!

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