Friday, April 23, 2010

The saga of JK

Well need to talk about this guy as I have never been able to stay away from him!
We first met when he moved here from Jersey my sophomore year. I'll never forget the first time I set eyes on him. He was walking down the halls of HHS with a backpack covered with punk patches and green hair. So begins our completely warped love story, which still isn't quite over.
They say there is one person on earth made for you and God knows we tried, but sometimes love is not enough! We will get into this further in a later post.
Through 2 marriages and 17 years I've never been able to stay away from him. But he is a BAD alcoholic and everytime I gave him a shot he has only hurt me.
So now he is trying to move across the country to try to be with me. I told him to stay put as I have feelings for another. Is this fair, I have no idea?
I can't risk destroying everything I have built with my kids, and I know he will probably just put me through the wringer again, so gonna gather my strength an say NO for once.
High school is not the end of the world and you would think I would know that, but I can't forget waxing the curbs with him and being a skate joey. All the evenings spent skating the bank and telling the cops we weren't criminals, just skaters. All the skinned knees as I tried to keep up.
More on this later when I relocated to South Carolina and got my soul destroyed!
Lyrics..."If you're somewhere out there passed out on the floor, Joey I'm not angry anymore"
As always thanks for listenng and God bless!

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