Thursday, April 22, 2010

Riley, a place of true miracles

Allison was fighting SO hard. I've never seen strength like that before!
They put her on the oscillator and I just sat next to her and prayed. I was not allowed to touch her as it would make the machine shut down if she was jarred.
She was in a drug induced coma and had swollen up to three times her normal size. Her skin was shiny and stretched tighter than I thought was possible.
The days passed and the news kept changing. It began with the nurses preparing me for her to die. She flatlined about 12 times the first few days, but by the grace of God she made it.
Next they said she had had a catastrophic brain injury and would probably stay a vegetable. The MRI showed a good amount of her brain was dead from the oxygen deprivation. But when they weaned her off the sedatives a miracle happened, she woke up and looked around. We took her off the machine and by my birthday on June 21st I was able to hold her very cautiously.
They inserted a g tube as she had forgotten how to swallow. Her throat had been damaged by the ventilator tube going down her throat and when she cried she sounded so raspy but could barely make a sound. They warned me she would be severely disabled mentally. Then another miracle, we did another MRI and there were places in her brain lighting up and new neural connections being made. The unused part of her brain was compensating for the damage.
The day we moved out of the ICU she was crawling around her hospital crib and smiling. We finally got to go back home after her being there for 2 months. She got to have her first birthday at home.
Of course there was a lot of recovery yet to come. I had to feed her through the tube for several months and give her injections of blood thinners twice a day. There were a million appointments for various doctors and therapists. This was also the time when Brayden was at the worst of his autism, and Brian was in jail (more on that next post) so I was unable to work. The kids had to come first and they needed me!
But we all made it through. Today Allison is at the top of her class and the most kind hearted sweet girl you can imagine. She has no memory of the event and tells everyone her g tube scar is her extra belly button. I am SO very lucky!
As always thanks for listening and God bless!

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