Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back home again!

Well I stepped off the bus in Dayton with a broken heart and no idea what my next move would be. BP's grandparents picked us up and drove me to my mother in law's apartment. I was going to give BP another shot. Maybe THIS time it would work. You know what they say about the definition of insanity...
I started drinking VERY heavily, it was not unusual for me to drink a half gallon within a day and a half. I was still able to walk and talk which has always struck me as odd. I am a beanpole, 125 pounds soaking wet but I could drink anyone under the table!
I continued this until I went to visit BP at New Castle Correctional Facility. Of course I was half lit. BP looked so sad to see me this down. At first it infuriated me because what right did he have to judge me, as he spent a good chunk of our marriage stoned. At least my drinking never almost got one of our kids killed, unlike his dope use!!
When I got back home I had second thoughts. He seemed sincere about being clean. I was hoping six months in prison would be enough. So I drank the rest of my vodka as fast as I could so it would be gone and waited for the sickness to set in.
I can totally understand why people go to the hospital to detox. It's some of the scariest shit you can imagine! It took me a day and a half before I was even sober. Then the true fun began....
If you've never been drunk sick there's no way you can understand! Let me give you the short list of what happens.
1.) Sweats
2.) Either being freezing or on fire
3.) chest pains
4.) cramps in every muscle you have and some you didn't even know you had
5.) COMPLETE inability to sleep
6.) Auditory hallucinations (I repeatedly heard a Bright Eye's song, at least it wasn't a Britney song I guess)
7.) Finally the one I hated the worst- a complete warping of time, it has never moved so slowly!
I did it though! I detoxed all by my lonesome and still took care of business. Not to brag but that took balls! When BP was released he came home to a sober wife. Now if only HE would have stayed sober himself....
As always, thanks for listening and God bless!

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