Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby #1

Well according to the emails, quite a few of you are confused as I only list 2 children. Be patient, we'll get to that in a couple of posts!
When we left off I had lost my brother and was knocked up, and not in the comedic Katherine Heigl way! Bad times kiddos, bad times.
I kept going through the motions with LL even if my heart was very much not into it. Christmas rolled around and to my horror LL proposed, right in front of his family. So, since I am a complete IDIOT, I said yes. Some advice, always listen to your gut and don't worry about who is watching.
The pregnancy progressed normally. I didn't get big, just looked like I swallowed a beach ball. I had been working at Applebee's since I turned 21, and didn't take a maternity leave. I felt fine AND needed the money. So I waited tables until I went into labor at about 11:30 pm May 1st, 1999.
I waited until about 5 AM before I had LL take me to the hospital. On the way there I made him stop at the doughnut factory since I knew I would be sucking ice chips for a while. I polished off 6 chocolate bavarian cream donuts and went on to Reid.
They hooked me up to the monitors and assorted gadgets, it hurt like hell obviously. I hung without pain meds until about 10:30. Then I asked for a shot of Stadol. That's when everything went wrong....
I had just been doped up so of course this is all a blur to me. Apparently my blood pressure shot through the roof and I was about to stroke out. Next thing I know I was being rushed off to emergency surgery. The last thing I remember is watching the lights whiz past as I was rushed down the hallway, then blackness.
I didn't wake up till 5 hours later. Thank God Hayley Celeste Lipscomb was PERFECT! She was the most beautiful baby. Perfectly formed as c-section babies are, and her hair! It was dark brown, but had blonde streaks all through it. Looked like she had highlights done in utero! Nurses from all over the hospital came just to see MY baby! I used to joke that I dyed my hair too much when I was pregnant. Four days later I was released and went to start my life as someone's mama.
As always, thanks for listening and God bless!

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  1. Thank was definately an event. LL was so proud as I am sure he still is.