Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The whole ugly South Carolina mess

JK had talked a pretty good game over the months previous. I thought he was for real and decided we would move to South Carolina and finally give it a shot. After 16 years I figured it was time.
I should have jumped right back on the Greyhound after we arrived in Charlotte. I tend to miss obvious omens. JK was over an hour late picking us up. He seemed truly happy I was there, and at that moment I was glad to be there.
I had saved up about $3000 to start over again. I spent the first week in a motel while I went house hunting. I met JK's parents and we got along well. I found a cute little house for cheap and started to furnish it. JK was going to move in within the week. Everything seemed fine, but then he just did a 180.
There are alcoholics and then there are ALCOHOLICS! JK was one of the latter. I guess he started to doubt himself and went on a nasty binge. He disappeared for over a week and I had no clue where he would be. His parents and I filed a missing persons report and began to wait.
Well the police found him stumbling around Walmart in Lancaster at 4 AM. He was drunk on mouthwash. I have done some dumb shit, but I was NEVER that desperate!
So I packed us up, left the house and the furniture, and took the last of my money and went back to Richmond.
I may have super low self esteem, but I also know that NO ONE deserves a train wreck like that in their life! I desperately hate being single most of the time and am lonely 90% of the time. I also know that I'm a great girl and someday someone will recognize that! At least I hope so!
As always thanks for listening and God bless!

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