Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Wayne County Hilton

I guess those of you dear readers from elsewhere would have no idea what the title refers to. That's our pet name for the Wayne County jail.
I was marched into a cell block hungover as all hell and wondering what the hell had happened. I honestly didn't remember stealing, but as any drunk will tell you that doesn't necessarily mean it didn't happen!
I've been a south side ride-or-die girl for many years. I wasn't afraid of the inmates when I went to jail, what petrified me was that BP was out there with my kids, my credit cards, and a BAD heroin habit. I was completely powerless. I always was before, but never at this level!
So I tried to keep myself as busy as you can be in county. One of my friends from high school RR was in on a probation violation as was BP's ex-girlfriend BH, so at least I knew a couple of people. I walked 500-600 laps a day around the day room and practiced my yoga. Of course this made the other inmates think I was insane, so no one messed with me. Yoga is not a big pastime among the criminal element of Richmond. I also read a LOT, usually 2 books a day.
The hardest day was 3 days in as it was Thanksgiving. My kids are sadly used to daddy being in jail, but have NEVER been away from me for even a full day. As I sat there pushing around the tofurkey and congealed gravy on my tray I couldn't stop worrying.
We concocted a story that my mom was sick in Hagerstown and I went to take care of her. The kids were just too young to know the truth. I called over at BP's grandma's and was able to talk to the kids. They seemed to be, thank God!
The hours stretched into days, and I settled into a routine as I was sure I wasn't going to make bail. I resigned myself to sitting in there until my court date in February.
On day 11 I was sitting in the day room playing some spades and watching The Daily Show when I heard the 4 sweetest words uttered in county, "Petitt, grab your shit!" I had FINALLY made bail!
Even after only 11 days walking outside, smelling fresh air, and lighting a Camel filter was TOO sweet! Then it was time to head home and see what the damage was.
I'll bet you'll never guess what happened to my credit cards? Gee I wonder?! Plus the kids had school for 6 of the days I was gone. They made it there twice.
It was time to straighten up my act.
I came out with the best intentions, but as you know dear readers, this is oftentimes the path to hell. Starting next post comes the darkest chapter of my addiction history. My love affair with the needle.
As always thanks for listening and God bless!

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