Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Something a bit different!

I have had a nasty case of writer's block as of late. I have been putting every ounce of energy I have into staying away from alcohol, so been a bit preoccupied.
I am still sober, so no worries there! I drank a bit Friday night but did not lose control, thank God. I do know that it was sheer luck though. I am always just one vodka shot away from disaster.
BP got shipped out of the county jail last week, so his ass is now the property of Indiana DOC. He's at a processing center in Greenfield right now. I have no idea where he is going next. Seeing as I have no vehicle, taking the kids to see him is going to be next to impossible. I am anticipating some behavior issues from them. They miss their dad SO much!
Some of my dear followers have offered to pitch in while I am gathering my thoughts and getting my head straight. I have a series of guest posts on the way. Thank you so much to my buddies who took the time to "do their homework."
As always thanks for listening and God bless!

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