Monday, June 21, 2010

They told me to go to rehab-I said yes,yes,yes

This is quite the departure for me. I usually just type these out, but now I put pen to paper. Allow me to explain why.
I am currently in Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Services at Reid. The whole mess started on Friday. I was upset over something I do not wish to speak about.
Thus began Jamie's pattern of excess. Drink till I pass out, wake up, repeat cycle. Plus in my infinite wisdom my friend offered me some Klonipans, and I took them. I was half lit by the time I got to the bar. My old friends were buying me shots of Patron left and right. I was GONE. I have a few flashed through the night, but not much.Somehow, not sure exactly how, I made it home in one piece. I was alone so at least that was a positive. I sat down by my computer and looked down to see about a fifth of vodka. Was I smart enough to call it a night? Of course not! So at roughly 3:30 AM my roommate flipped out and called 911. I was transported to Reid and when they checked, my BAC was .35. I truly should be dead right now.
I have tried over and over to quit on my own but it's never worked. My liver is hard and painful. I believe it's time to give my problem over to God.
Today was not easy but the nurses were really great and they had me on blood pressure meds and anti-anxiety pills, so that took the edge off.
Next step, figuring out the roots of my illness. Thanks for your continuing support!
As always, thanks for listening and God bless!

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