Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm still here!

Had to make a new trip to Reid last night, but no worries, not because of drinking!
I had a nasty panic attack and was just flipping out.
It's hard to sober up and realize that self-medication was a problem! This is exactly what my friend BW said, and he is SO right. Once the alcohol wore up, all the other problems came right back.
So I may be sporadic for a while in my writing as I am trying to adjust to my new meds. As of now they have me on something called Vistiral, and believe me it makes me feel weird! You know my dream about playing a zombie in a George Romero movie? Well I'm ready for my close up Mr DeMille.
I want to once again thank all of my friends who were there this weekend. In hindsight I am a bit freaked that I just put it all out there, but now I TRULY know who more friends that I could imagine!
I usually use aliases on here, but these people DESERVE for the world to know how great they are! Angel Selby for helping find me a ride to the hospital has mad love from me! Angela Bruner for taking me in and listening to me cry (plus the almighty cigarette hunt) I was so sorry to see you in such bad health! Last but not least Eric Herzog, who knows how messed up I can be but thinks I am amazing anyway, can't wait to see you on Wednesday.
OF COURSE my fb friends for all the encouragement and birthday wishes.
Like I said I am newly medicated, so I am sure bits and pieces of this might sound odd, but they say I will adjust soon.
One last thing, thanks for all the comments, you can write directly on this site or via networked blogs. The comments DO help. I love you all!
As always thanks for listening and God bless!

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