Friday, June 11, 2010

My first drag queen

I am still sober guys! I don't want to have one of those blogs that just blabs about mundane stuff! I would rather not write at all than bore everyone to death. And my life HAS been boring lately, but I think that's a good thing!
I thought I would break things up a bit by telling you about how I first became an LBGT advocate, my first exposure ever to the gay scene.
Most of my dear readers know that I grew up in a VERY small town. My hometown had all of 2000 people in it, and is not exactly an enclave of liberal thought. As far as I know, I only ran across one gay person the whole time I was growing up. A really nice lady who was a lesbian lived 3 doors down from my childhood home. My mom told me not to talk to her because, "She's funny." I had no idea what she meant by that, but it sounded foreboding!
I skipped over a small period of my life in prior posts, so we are going to revisit it now! Right after I graduated high school, I actually ended up in Richmond for a couple of months before I moved on to Muncie. My bff from high school, Christina, and a fellow co-worker from McDonald's had rented a townhouse on the east side of Richmond. They said that I could stay there while I tried to figure out what my next move would be!
Those were great times, we were young and on our own for the first time! It was about to get more fun!
One day as I was coming home I looked across the parking lot and saw an old friend of mine, Kelly. We grew up together but he had moved to Ohio a couple of years previously. He was visiting a buddy of his and invited me and my roomies over to hang out. One guy was just a cool ass stoner, the other one? Patrick was someone I would never forget!
One night Christina and I were chilling over there, getting a bit of a buzz on and having a great (although unremarkable) time. Suddenly Patrick jumped up and told us to hold on, he had a surprise for us. Christina and I just looked at each other quizzically and shrugged. About 20 minutes later he came floating down the stairs.
He was done up in FULL drag! Wig, full makeup, pink dress, the whole nine yards! The worst part is I'm pretty sure he had nicer legs than I did! It took me a minute, but once I got over the initial shock I had a million questions for him. I asked about everything from his lifestyle to makeup tips. I haven't looked back since.
Everything I have done to help with the fight for equality can be traced back to this night. I have no idea what ever happened to him but I thank him for opening my eyes to another world.
Patrick is also the one who coined one of my favorite compliments ever! He said, "Sweetie, you are a drag queen caught in a hot chick's body!" I carry the fag hag gene, and thank God I do!
As always, thanks for listening and God bless!

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