Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My brush with greatness

I was talking to my friend MM last night on facebook. Her brother was on the show "The Singing Bee" and it reminded me that I had not talked about my brush with network TV!
Back in 2008 it was campaign fever all around as I am sure you remember. I was living with WM on 7th street and was at the worst of my alcoholism. Nothing exciting ever happens here in Richmond, so I was surprised when I picked up the paper one morning and saw that Bill Clinton was making a stop here to campaign for Hilary!
I flipped out because I am a big Bill fan. My life was pretty prosperous when he was the president! So I made arrangements for WM to get Allison off the bus and headed to the Richmond fire station #1. I arrived 4 hours early since I knew it would be a mob scene. I was 3rd in line to get in.
It was surreal, there were snipers all over the rooftops and serious looking men in dark suits talking into their wrists. Richmond had turned from a mid-sized boring town to something pulled out of an episode of 24!
I waited FOREVER! In the meantime the media had descended upon the fire station. I was interviewed by 3 different networks. Since I was at the front of the line, they picked us to talk to. I tried to sound clever, not sure if it worked, but I WAS on the evening news. I still have it on VHS where my late mother taped it, and my kids get the biggest kick out of seeing mommy on TV.
They finally let us into the firehouse after frisking us and running us through metal detectors. I was in the very front row next to some soldiers. They got priority of course! They passed out campaign signs and we waited.
Bill was about an hour late, and by the time he got there the seething mass of humanity had elevated the temperature to about 110 degrees. People were fainting all over the place. I felt dizzy as all hell but I hung tough.
Finally they cut off the crappy campaign music and there he was! Bill is SO handsome in person, the TV does him no justice, I had an instant crush. He moved along the front row glad handing everyone. I'm sure if a parent was stupid enough to bring a baby into this boiler room he would have kissed it.
He finally got to me. He reached out and shook my hand and said, "How are you young lady?" He actually spoke to me! I spit out the first thing that popped into my head which was, "I'll be a lot better when Bush is out of office!" He chuckled and winked at me. Then he moved down the line.
I can't remember the specifics of his speech, but it was GOOD! That man could charm the birds out of the trees. He spoke for about 45 minutes and then he was gone. I fought through the crowd and burst outside to get some fresh air.
Two side notes to this story, I was shit-faced drunk the entire time and I voted for Obama!
As always thanks for listening and God bless!

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