Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back into the shark tank

Well the time has come for me to begin my search for the elusive "one"!
This as you know is not my first foray into the territory since my last marriage ended. I tried just hanging out with someone and that ended disastrously. Things got more than a little weird! I never felt like I could be myself and was forever afraid that he would take everything I said the wrong way. True I was infatuated for a minute, but that was a VERY brief minute! I will miss having him as a friend in the worst way, but it seems he would always be wondering if I was in love with him or wanting more than I had.
I moved on from that a while back and decided to take a bit of time to get my priorities straight and try to figure out what I REALLY want in a man! I have a bit of an advantage because this blog is like a built in pre-screener. I'll give an interested guy the link and say, "Read this, if you are still interested afterwards, let me know!" It saves a lot of stupid getting to know you chit-chat and it lets them know exactly what they are getting into, good and bad!
Another advantage is that they know I do write and I refuse to censor myself, if they have a problem with that they can walk on. This blog is a tool to help me maintain my sobriety, and that is the 2nd most important thing on earth to me right now.
Allow me to intrigue you, there is someone that has passed the test that I am interested in. He's someone I have known my whole life, so I know he's not a bastard. He enjoys my writing and gets my messed up sense of humor and thinks I am beautiful to boot! I am hoping against all hope he comes out to my birthday shindig next week. Stay tuned!
As always thanks for listening and God bless!

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