Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Adventure of You (guest post by Phillip)

I remember meeting you for the first time more than a decade ago as a young naive girl possessed of a spirit not since the days of the original Flower Children of the 1960's. Even though there was trouble in your life you just breathed it in and exhaled it as love and harmony. You always laughed in the face of adversity and kept a smile on your face and in your heart. You shared with me the adventure that is Jamie fun and partying but also philosophies and beliefs. It was a magical time me you Jennifer and my buddy Joel hanging out and acting a fool. You shared yourself with me a gift which I will never forget and hope I returned in like fashion.
As always happens in life people seemingly as crucial to your life as the air you breathe begin to drift away. You move in different directions. Planets whose orbits move them on to different areas of the solar system. The gravity of kindred souls however is undeniable and years later I found you through the truth of six degrees of separation and your star now sails in my sky again! I discovered you had become a mother and wife and had experienced many things in our time apart. The darkness that I won't name lest I give it power had creeped into your life. My heart was breaking as I watched you wrestle this demon. I never lost hope because the spark of that girl I knew years ago is still there! I hope and pray that the greater angels of your nature will win out over the darkness and I will have a chance to experience the joy of knowing the new you and set out on that same voyage of discovery. I am your friend for life dear heart and take all the strength and comfort you need from me. I love you and will remain ever one of your fiercest friends!

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  1. Love you too Phillip! That was absolutely beautiful!