Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Having a sad bastard kinda day

A little advice? When trying to stay sober perhaps listening to Belle and Sebastian on repeat is not the best idea!
I have a big concern about these weird pills they have me take. Sure they help with my anxiety, but I feel like less of myself. I am famous for my facebook quips and anymore when I try to think of something clever, all I see is fog. So all 677 of you, I am sorry.
Today is advocate day, so cross your fingers that my Medicaid comes through. I am not lazy, I want to work SO badly, but when your husband is prison until 2012, it ain't easy. By the time I pay for daycare it's not worth it. With my son's autism, he needs me around anyways.
I was chatting with a friend that means a lot to me last night and he suggested that perhaps I am being a bit self pitying, perhaps he is right, but I know I am meant for more than this. I have a Mensa card in my wallet for Chrissakes! So let's see what happens today and go from there.
Sorry this is a crap post, but like I said, the meds make me feel a bit foggy!
As always, thanks for listening and God bless!

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