Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The new job, back to dealing with morons!

Well as all of my facebook friends know, I FINALLY have a job! I'm working in a college bookstore which should be ideal. If it wasn't for the damn customers....
I had to go work at the Connersville campus today buying back used textbooks. The day started out well enough, I woke up with the guy I like to hang out with more than anyone, got home, made some good coffee, and was truly ready to go. B picked me up at about 7:30 so I didn't have to worry about a ride for once. Then it was ALL downhill!
The second we walked in there were about 5 people sitting there waiting on us. They say it takes one to know one and it's true. A quick scan of the room confirmed my suspicions. They were wanting money for whatever drug they were on. I check for track marks, shaking hands, and a wild look in the eyes. Dead giveaways!
We tried to set up the computer and it did not work. So we had to call in book numbers by cell phone as the angry mob multiplied. You would think people about to get money would be more patient.
I lugged boxes of textbooks all day like a pack mule. Each one weighed 40-60 pounds, so that just made me more aggro!
The stupid questions got me worse than anything. Just so you know, if you are missing software I can't buy it. If it's from an Algebra class from 1989 no I can't buy it. AND even if you walk away for an hour and then come back, yes I remember you and NO I still won't buy it!
Finally got back to Richmond at about 5:30 and had no ride so I walked the full 3 miles home. What else do you do? I would really like to keep this job! When I got home my feet were throbbing like you wouldn't believe. Remember those old cartoons when someone's thumb would get hit by a hammer and it would turn red and pulsate? That would be my feet!
Sorry this is a bitching post, but it's what is on my mind! Hope tonight gets better! I swear they put "essence of stupid" in Connersville's water supply!
As always thanks for listening and God bless!


  1. Does Richmond have a car share service?
    I remember selling my books back at BSU and some of the students were clueless pricks.

  2. No car share, just a shitload of idiots!