Saturday, September 4, 2010

Home at last!

I am sneaking in a few minutes for writing, although I have about a million things to do. We are offline right now. The house we have is great, but there is one problem. It has never been wired for cable before. They want $150 deposit, as if it’s my fault the previous owners lived in the bronze age. So no internet until Friday at the earliest.
It was a busy weekend. The guys worked so hard. I felt guilty for not lugging stuff like I usually do. Allan and WM told me just to point and say, “Move it to this room.” My moving experiences in the past have been quite different. I just can’t get used to having a real man. I spent so many years putting up with BP it’s a shock to the system to have someone take care of me rather than vice versa.
In other news, the kids started school today. Allison is in the first grade and Brayden is in the 2nd. I have no idea where the time went, but it kind of sucks that they don’t need me like they used to. There was a battle this morning when I insisted on walking them to the bus stop. Brayden is going to be 9 on the 28th and I probably should have seen this coming. He said he would look like a baby if I went with him. I guess he is right. It is only 2 blocks away and he only has to cross one street. I was tear-assing around Hagerstown alone when I was 7, but it’s a different world now, dear readers! Am I wrong in this?
Well kittykats, time to peel myself away from the devil box and try to get the new crib up and running. I am going to attempt to hook up the washer and dryer. This should be funny. It’s like Allan says, I am the brains of the operation. I can discuss literature and politics for hours and I can speak 6 languages, but when it comes to practical day to day things, I am functionally retarded.
As always, thanks for listening and God bless!

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