Saturday, August 14, 2010

Moving day!

Today is moving day, God help me! I absolutely despise moving, but it's time to move on. Too many memories in this place, mostly bad. Not to mention the continued nightmare of my neighbors.
Remember AC from earlier posts? Well her parenting skills have not improved. Now CPS is threatening to take her kids if she does not get her own place. I mean there are 10 people living next door! Strangely enough since this has transpired my landlord has been calling me. Apparently I have been having all kinds of traffic in and out of house. This has Allan and I scratching our heads. He has been here and knows full well that him and grandma have been the only people here for at least the last 5 weeks.
So I get an eviction notice for no good reason. AC has finally won. I am done with fighting this so Allan and I have decided to just get a new house together. We've been living together for all intensive purposes anyways. His toothbrush and half his clothes are here.
Is it a bit fast? Maybe in some opinions. All I know is that it feels right to both of us. Last night he told me I was everything he has ever wanted in a woman. I feel the same about him. Isn't that the root of a great relationship? Chemistry and shared values and goals?
So after he changes 1000 semi tires today he gets to come home and lug furniture with yours truly. Poor guy! But he never complains, I'm not used to a man with that kind of work ethic! We're gonna stretch it out over 2 days, but I have a LOT of stuff. May the force be with us!
As always, thanks for listening and God bless!

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