Saturday, September 4, 2010

The one conversation you should NEVER have!

Well kittykats, it was due, I guess. Nothing is perfect forever, as much as I wish that it was. I think we have had our first official fight, albeit a quiet one. I would rather be yelled at right now, the silence is crushing me.
You see he brought up the one conversation that a couple should never EVER have, the numbers game. You guys know what I mean, “How many people were you with before me?” I am firmly against talking about this. As long as you are disease free and in one piece, does it really matter? Not to me it doesn’t.
I put off answering as long as I could until I finally just got annoyed and blurted it out. Apparently I am a bit ahead of him which I don’t think is too terrible, considering I am 7 years older than him. For some reason this bothers him a LOT.
I can’t wrap my brain about this. He works daily with the guy I slept with for 6 months before we got together and this doesn’t bother him. So why do nameless, faceless strangers hurt him? He mentioned something about never being my first anything. Well sweetie, that ship sailed long ago, I AM 33 years old. I am not exactly virgin territory.
I am upset right now, but I think this is just a little hiccup brought on by exhaustion and a wee buzz. He is asleep next to me now, hopefully the dawn will bring a bit more rationality.
As always, thanks for listening and God bless!

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