Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm ALIVE!!!!!!!!

Hey kittykats! Hope you got the Get Him To The Greek reference! It's been a long time!
Crispy and I unplugged for awhile to save money and try to accumulate some junk. It worked well.
It's hard to get used to this. In my past every time I would buy something of value, it would be carted off by BP to the pawn shop within 48 hours! It feels almost unfair that once everything came together I am getting ready to go away.
Yes dear readers I have gotten a sentencing date. April 4th is when I go to prison over this stupidity! I will be gone for 10 months. I just broke down and signed the plea. I was fearful it would be much worse if I didn't!
Well kittykats, remembering that I have 3 weeks left has given me a massive headache. Gonna go make home movies of the kids riding their bikes, that should cheer me up! More to come.....
As always thanks for listening and God bless!

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