Friday, March 18, 2011

That's What I Get For Being Nice......

Warning, if you are squeamish or easily offended, I recommend skipping this one!
Will someone please just slap me for being too nice. Something happened last week to make me want to turn into a ruthless bitch!
A bit of background, if you are a follower you will remember V and WM. I introduced them to each other and they have been together for 3 years and have a baby girl. Until recently....
V had been cheating on WM unbeknowst to him. Things came to a head one night after V came home late. WM wanted to fool around and ended up pulling a USED CONDOM out of her. I cannot imagine finding out like that, how horrible! Needless to say he split!
She ended up moving in with the guy she cheated with. I am not sure of the specifics but for some reason she had to leave his house because it was too small for both their families. So she had nowhere to go.
She begged Chris and I to stay with us for a couple weeks. We were reluctant as she is an addict and I didn't know how strong I could be. Finally after much discussion we decided we had to help for the sake of the 2 little girls she has.
So her boyfriend lugged her crap over and my household grew by 3. There were problems the very first night. I felt as if I was the one taking care of her kids, and the first night she was here she ended up sleeping with my neighbor.
Daytime was not much better. I would watch her girls while she was running "errands" which is a fancy way of saying "scoring dope." That part didn't bother me gladly. I never even considered doing any. Then came the death blow of a 15 year friendship with a girl who was like a sister.
The third day she was here I slept in after getting the kids off to school. Early that afternoon I called to check the balance on my debit card. It was supposed to be $60, there was $0. No one else had been in the house but Crispy. What conclusion would you draw?
I understand why she did it. I have been there, done that. There is no greater con artist than a drug addict just starting to feel dope sick. I lied, stole, and cheated for a long time to afford my $60 a day habit. Regardless Crispy have settled into a nice normal, lower middle class life and I won't let anyone jeopardize that. So I threw her out.
I heard that she gave the girls to family members and is trying to get clean. I hope and pray she does, will you as well dear readers.
I pray that she comes through OK and can be my sister again! As always thanks for listening and God bless!

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