Friday, July 2, 2010


This has got to be the hardest day I have had so far in my new sobriety. I am gritting my teeth and ready to punch a wall (or anyone who crosses me)
Sitting here with exactly enough money for a pint in my pocket. It has not bothered me until today.
Some of my fb friends have heard me mention AC, my landlord's psychotic granddaughter. She has set out on a campaign of terror trying to get me to move. You see in her twisted viewpoint if I go, then Granny will let her move in here and live rent free so she can be a doped out jackass happily ever after.
At first it was subtle little digs at me, trying to get a reaction. Like asking me how I have dealt with being with a drug dealing loser of a husband for 10 years, as if her taste in men is any better. I am the only one allowed to insult him. He is still my husband and the father of my kids, so naturally I love him and will not allow anyone to step on him. She would stop by the house asking me if I wanted any heroin as she was going to go get some for herself, knowing that I was clean and trying to remain so. I mean this chick is so screwed up in the head she was shooting up heroin 2 weeks before she gave birth. The only reason she was able to keep her child is because she went to the methadone clinic right before she had her baby. Apparently THAT is better according to the state. It makes me sick that some people can't control themselves for 9 months. This is someones ENTIRE life you are gambling with.
Still I was kind to this girl. I have watched her 2 year old son for for free while she ran around doing God knows what. She was about to be evicted from her last apartment because it was so nasty. Rotted food and dirty diapers EVERYWHERE, including on the kitchen counter where they prepared food. Although it gagged me to even walk into the place I spent a whole afternoon cleaning JUST the kitchen out. It took three hours.
Then things escalated from there. She was calling my landlord saying that a maroon car was out front for just a few minutes at a time so she was sure I was making drug deals. That car belongs to my husband's 74 year old grandmother.
There is one person who I am not allowed to have over TH. I don't want her here anyway because she is from the past that I am trying to forget. When I was in detox last week, she was the only person I knew who had a car. You see I wanted to have some pictures of my kids and of course I could not leave the ward. So I offered to pay her $5 to bring them to me.
Wednesday came around and TH knocked on my door. I opened up, handed her the $5 and she went on her merry way. Well not 30 seconds after she left I got a phone call from my landlord. Her granddaughter had called her and said she saw a drug deal go down. Landlord was HIGHLY upset, but I explained the situation and told her she could call Reid to confirm my story if she wanted to. So that seemed settled.
The next night AC and her little sister pounded at my door at 10:30 PM. They informed me with gleeful looks on their faces that I was evicted and had to be out in two weeks. I was hysterical, naturally. I called a good friend of mine who calmed me down considerably as he could look at things objectively and pointed out that there was no cause for eviction.
The next day my husband's grandma called my landlord to find out what was going on, and she was CLUELESS! She sure had not given them permission to evict me. I was told to just ignore her. I wish it was that easy, but she is living on the other side of the duplex. Today she brought my kids into it.
Allison came in crying her eyes out a little bit ago. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me that AC's son had told her that he is not allowed to play with her anymore. When she asked why he said, "My mommy says your family is trash and she is going to make sure you get kicked out so I can have my old room back." (AC and her family lived here before I did.)
If you can't tell I am so mad right now I could murder. Have whatever problems with me that you want, but don't drag my kids into it. It is lucky for her she is not home right now. So all this stress is making me want to drink, but you know what? The stupid whore is not worth throwing my sobriety away for! She'll get hers, karma is a bitch!
Sorry this was a going-off post, but it makes me feel better to get it off my chest. So dear readers, what would you do to AC if you were me?
As always, thanks for listening and God bless!

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