Saturday, March 20, 2010

11th street

Well last time our lovely heroine (no pun intended) had just gotten her first apartment and life was good! She smoked some weed, but was off the bottle. She had a job and everything. But as any addict in denial will tell you it NEVER lasts, but for a while it did. This edition will be not so much about drugs as much as equally insidious foes-apathy,laziness, trauma, and depression!
My apartment was on North 11th St and was an utter and complete shithole, but it was my shit hole! I had a 100 year old fridge, no bedroom, a musty murphy bed everyone was too frightened to sleep on, and a bathroom sink in real danger of falling off and crushing someones foot. But oh man was I happy!
That old boyfriend JK used to bring by all the leftovers from his job at KFC, so food wasn't an issue. I had a great group of friends. Sounds great huh?
Well one symptom of smoking weed is that you are more interested in Doritos than house cleaning. Another is it can shorten your reaction time and make you forget you live in a bad neighborhood....
One night I am stoned to the bone and walk down the back stairs into my alley for God knows what reason. I probably had the munchies or something equally retarded. It was very dark as the north side is not known for it's lighting. I was stumbling down the alley completely oblivious when I felt something hard hit me in the back. Something about 6'1" with horrible breath and the voice of Satan himself. No more detail here, but he didn't wanna bake cookies.
Somehow I found myself back home, in utter shock and terror. I was 19 I was invincible, what the fuck. Then it was like the lights dimmed over my whole world.
I couldn't tell anyone, how could I? If I wasn't stoned it wouldn't have happened, so it was my own fault. In AA they say you are only as sick as your secrets, and man was I one sick kittycat! So I went through the motions as best I could. It worked for a while till I met my little purple friend Mr. Xanax. Enter nerve pills into my mix....
They helped for a while and made me forget. The bad part is they made me forget things like um...going to work and paying rent. You know, the small stuff. Next thing you know I am evicted and my possessions are locked inside. My friend JB climbed onto the roof and through a window so I could get my stuff.
Remember DA's great mom and dad? Guess who took me in? 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count!
So these wonderful people took me into their home and hearts again. But I was frozen inside. I was damaged, how could any one want anything to do with me. So I still wanted to run away. One day low and behold I open up the paper to read an ad "Need 18-25 year olds to travel the country. Cash paid Daily"
That's for another day as I could write a book about that alone (don't worry I won't I believe in reasonable brevity in posts ;) ) As always thanks for reading and God bless!

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