Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Goodbye Richmond?

I had a little bit of bad news the other night. I was hoping to parole to BP's grandparents when I get out in 47 days. It turns out that that isn't going to happen, so I have no where to go in Richmond.

When they said no, I just wanted to die. I have prided myself on being strong through this whole ordeal, but I broke down and sobbed right there in the day room in front of everyone. What was I going to do? As much support as I get from my online community, it's not like I would ask if I could move in with you! Then I dried my eyes and straightened my spine and started thinking about what this could mean for me....

I think I'm going to stay here in Indianapolis.

I have a really good job here. Granted I could transfer to the O'Charley's in Richmond, but the money wouldn't be anywhere near as good as it is here. There are a lot more resources here that would help me get back on my feet. When Crispy left me he left me with nothing, so I'm at square one. I am planning on looking in the Irvington area since it's fairly close to where I work.

The only bad part is that it's going to take me a little longer to get the kids back with me. I gave legal guardianship to their great-grandparents while I was gone. With Brayden being on SSI we had to do it like that since I couldn't be his payee while I was locked up. The grandparents are ready for me to take over, but we have to do it the legal way. So I have to spend x amount of parenting time with them before I regain custody. No problem there. I'll get a clunker that will survive the trip.

I hate that it's going to be a little longer until we are reunited permanently, but I think this is in the kids' best interests. It will be hard in the short term, but in the long run, I think we'll be fine.

I will miss Richmond. It's been home for me most of my adult life and I am used to it. But with the drugs and violence that have the city on it's knees, I think it's time to go.

It is like when I got fired from my job. I was so upset at the time, but in hindsight it's the best thing that ever happened to me. It's what I needed to force me to be courageous and make a positive change in my life. Now I have a job that I love. I'm really hoping that fate is pulling the same trick in regards to my living situation. Stay tuned.

If any of my readers can offer suggestions about housing, cheap furniture, vehicles etc please message me or DM me.

As always, thanks for listening and God bless!

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  1. Not to worry my lovely! Things will happen in your favor soon!